About Betabox, Inc.

We exist to ensure that impactful hands-on learning can happen anywhere.

Betabox believes hands-on, experiential learning is the missing ingredient required to prepare students for the complex, uncertain future before us all.

We design services that enable a tenfold increase in the hands-on learning every student participates in.

Today we’re doing this by offering ‘onsite field trips’ to public and private schools in Betabox Mobile Tech Labs. Many of our experiences are fully funded by our industry partners.

Our approach from the beginning has been to lower the per student cost of quality hands-on learning. Our belief is this economic shift will increase the demand and practicality of hands-on learning when compared to the traditional ‘Sage on a Stage’ model.

This leveraged effect could redefine the trajectories of careers for millions of young people around the world.


Our journey so far.

In 2014, an engineer and two scientists teamed up to address a problem they uncovered at their respective universities: open access to rapid prototyping equipment.

Quickly it became clear this was not a problem isolated to university campuses. Rather, the global education system was finding it difficult to acquire, maintain, and integrate hands-on learning equipment into their curriculum.

This realization inspired a refreshed and growing team to make Betabox available to schools, parents, and organizations everywhere.

Today, we’re expanding our fleet of mobile tech labs throughout the US. These labs can be booked by schools and districts as onsite workshops that are half the true cost of a traditional field trip.

We believe that together we can nudge the education system towards offering more hands-on experiential learning options.

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“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”William Gibson


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