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Capital One Scales Social Responsibility with Betabox

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Outreach Volunteerism


Capital One & 300 students

Quick Facts:



5 days


Richmond, VA


Betabox Team

We were put in touch with the National Coalition of Girl’s Schools in the fall of 2014. Jen Shakeshaft, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Professional Development, and I hopped on a call and talked about the overlap between the innovation and creativity of Betabox and what NCGS was planning for their conference in June of 2015.

Jen connected us with Capital One, the key sponsor of the NCGS 2015 conference, and Capital One confirmed they would sponsor the event. We were really excited to partner with Capital One when we learned about their passion for Design Thinking and Women in STEM.

St. Catherine’s School, an all-girl’s school that would be hosting the conference, also decided that they wanted to make Betabox a part of their Brilliant Summer Program. Capital One agreed to host BetaBox for the 3 day conference, and 2 additional days for students who were part of the summer program.

We brought Betabox to Richmond, Virginia with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event. During the conference, we met teachers and educators from New York City, California, Texas, and even as far as the Philippines, who were all pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in their classrooms. We shared best practices and passed along our design thinking methodologies to help the attendees further innovate in the classroom.
After the conference, we spent two days with students from the Brilliant Summer Program, launching air compressed rockets, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more. NCGS was thrilled with the results and quality of engagement that Betabox brought to their 2015 conference.


The Betabox left a lasting experience in Richmond for teachers at Saint Catherine’s, for visitors and attendees at the NCGS Conference, for students in the Brilliant Summer Program, and for the entrepreneurship and creative community in Richmond as a whole.


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