A Betabox Case Study:

How Purina used a Betabox to accelerate innovation

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Brado is an innovation consultancy that brings creative insight to companies such as Purina, Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Crayola, and more.

Early in 2015, Brado’s Senior Director of Innovation & ideation, Andy Ford, visited Betabox in Raleigh, NC, to explore potential collaborations and partnerships. That visit was the beginning of a profound partnership between Brado and Betabox.

The partnership became a reality when Brado visited for a second time in the summer of 2015, this time with product developers and strategists from Purina.

Over 2 days, BetaBox facilitators developed dozens of ideas with the help of Brado’s Andy Ford and Purina’s crew of product developers. After several workshops and design sprints, the team walked out of Betabox with one idea, and the Betabox team promised to return the next day with a prototype to jumpstart the conversation on the next day.

In the early hours of the second day, the team returned to the Betabox and was amazed to see the prototype that the Betabox Facilitators had developed.


The Experience

Through dynamic discussion and lots of resourceful hacking, the teams got to work. When a team member from Brado or Purina had an idea, Betabox Facilitators were quick to offer a way to make it happen: Whether it was driving to Target to buy a board game and using the parts for a model, taking apart other pet products, or using clay and a 3D scanner to quickly express the concept.

During these workshops, Betabox team members promote the mindset of improv comedy. In improv comedy, there are only a couple of rules: Never shut down an idea, and always build onto other people’s ideas. This allows for rapid iteration, ideation, and creative insights to spark in places that no one is expecting.

Brado and Purina quickly adopted this mindset of improvisation, and the team collaborated over the first day to develop ideas that both Brado and Purina had never even considered.


This design sprint resulted in hundreds of innovative concepts for Purina, more than 20 low fidelity prototypes and 3 high-fidelity prototypes that were immediately useful for consumer testing and feedback. Both Brado and Purina left Betabox with a renewed excitement for all of the potential use cases, including additional innovation sprints, design thinking workshops, prototyping, rapid iteration, consumer testing, and market research.

A month later, the Betabox team members visited St. Louis to meet with Brado’s Executive Team to solidify an ongoing collaboration. Betabox is new becoming a vital part of Brado’s offering, with future collaborations involving Johnson & Johnson, Nestle Purina, Taco Bell, and more.


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