Inside-Out™ Innovation

Most innovation initiatives are driven by reactions to competitors or chasing consumer trends. There is rarely a transformational insight and if there is, it often gets lost or misinterpreted in the process. We call this “limping into innovation” and while it may randomly strike gold, typical results are less than optimal.

Brädo Innovation ensures your company will charge into innovation, led by a transformational insight that will break through the clutter. By applying an Inside-Out™ approach to innovation that infuses the consumer into the processes and uses technology to identify flaws faster, you will find success more often, faster and cheaper, with Brädo as your partner.

Inside-Out Innovation marries your companies internal expertise with external consumer insight throughout the entire double diamond Innovation process – from discover, to define, to develop and deliver. At each phase we utilize a variety of tools and processes to ensure that true insight remains the driver and bar for your innovation initiatives. Our tools and processes include:

• Key Stakeholder Interviews
• Information Harvests
• Assumption Workshops
• Context Mapping Sessions
• Creative Inspiration Platform Development
• Inside-Out Workshops
• Consumer Outreach (mobile, communities, surveys, groups, ethnos)
• Consumer Co-Creation Sessions
• Concept Development
• Rapid Prototyping in the Brado Innovation Lab


  • 63101

Experience Duration

2 days


A flexible mobile space outfitted with rapid prototyping equipment perfect for pop-up workshops in new product innovation, professional development, education, and more.


This workshop lasts 1-3 days depending on your preference.


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