Betabox Experiences

Built to ignite curiosity & passion. Aligned with standards.

Physics & Engineering

VR Glasses

Build your own virtual reality glasses and learn how stereoscopic vision and optics make them work.

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3D Rockets

Learn about the fundamentals of aerospace engineering by creating and launching 3D printed rockets.

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Electronics & Code

Self-Driving Cars

Learn about the manufacturing and network engineering behind self-driving cars.

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Phone Chargers

Electronics made accessible. Create your own phone charger you get to take home.

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Video Game Design

Program your own video game and learn about Ifs Loops, and Variables.

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How Might We?

Invent products that improve your teacher's life. Learn the design thinking process and how to iterate.

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Part Replication

Become an industrial designer for a day. Learn CAD and 3D printing to clone an object of your choice.

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Cancer Fighting Nanobot Design

Co-delivered with MilliporeSigma

Learn how to design cancer fighting nanobots through the MilliporeSigma Curiosity Cube.

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DNA Extraction Experiment

Co-delivered with MilliporeSigma

Learn about what DNA is and how to extract it from your body through the MilliporeSigma Curiosity Cube.

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