Design Sprint

Innovation is a process – a series of steps that begins with vivid imagination which evolves into formulating ideas and results in the creation of something of value for society and your clients. Paradigm is a full­ service innovation and design consultancy, specializing in harnessing this process and teaching companies how to do the same. Paradigm also seeks to help companies bring innovative, new ideas to their industry and generate market differentiation through our services and capabilities. We utilize a collaborative set of multidisciplinary approaches, that encompass empathy, creative vision, and business objectives ­ synthesizing them into cutting-­edge solutions for your company.
A Design Sprint is an intensive one- to three-day program that focuses on your company’s specific design needs and provides the tools and environment for creativity to thrive. It’s a condensed version of the typical user­-centered design process, allowing your company to better understand the wants and needs of your customers, to promote creative, critical, and innovative thinking within your organization. Design sprints are a fun and effective way to introduce and foster design thinking and business innovation among your organization, and come out with a groundbreaking new product or experience.


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