K12 Betabox Onsite Field Trip:

Game Design

Use an innovative new Game Engine to program, design,
and play your own video games.

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Learn to program
video games with Betabox

This Betabox Experience offers students at your school a fun and engaging opportunity to learn basic programming concepts by designing video games.

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Let’s face it, for too much student homework takes a backseat to popular video games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

Betabox Explorations are ‘onsite field trips’ that bring technology workshop right to your school’s parking lot.

In this Experience, students will learn that video games are much more than entertainment – they can become careers.

We’ve all played them.
Now let’s build them.

What a Betabox Game Design
Experience looks like:

“My 5th Grade students had a blast and was learning in a really hands-on way. They didn’t realize they were learning!” Brenda Bass, Madden Elementary

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Betabox delivers:

Hands-on technology
experiences anywhere in the southeast.

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Betabox Partnerships:

For this experience we’ve partnered with the GDevelop game engine to make programming fun and exciting for all ages.

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The party don’t stop when Betabox leaves school.

After your event, Betabox Guides provide a link to a free online Betabox course about video game design. Our goal is to spark excitement at the Betabox, and keep that energy going afterwards online.

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Let’s get building.

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