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We offer Big Air Makerspace (BAM) Transformation events to reduce packaging by 10 to 50 percent.​ Big Air Packaging innovations build revenue, enhances sustainability, and adds fun. We will also assist you in sourcing from your incumbent suppliers or from our rigorously vetted agile supply base.

The BigboxofAir team has decades of experience executing continuous improvement, cost savings, lean, and six sigma projects in Fortune corporations. We are enthusiasts, zealots, even OPEX geeks, because we have seen transformation done the right way, the Guerilla way.

We have chosen packaging as our initial focus in part because these events can reliably produce finished results within a week and there is already a well established distributed manufacturing base that can support rapid scaling of the results. This offering will be extended to additional manufacturing categories in later phases.

Pre-event project management is provided to ensure that the time your people and supplier resources invest produces authentic results. Simply put we aggressively apply lean principles to the execution of events. This is simply a matter of showing respect for the value of your best people’s time.

Most events will be 4 days in length and will have a fierce bias for action. Day one, hour one we will deconstruct your current packaging and begin to compare it to the voice of the customer. We will abuse and break your current packaging to understand the current performance and failure modes, and to have some fun in order to tease out your people’s beginner’s mind. This prepares them to find transformation rather than incremental improvements. By the end of day 4 we will have tested multiple iterations of the design and have prototypes prepared for ISTA testing on site. While we emphasize a guerrilla approach to development the efforts of the team will be supported with expert design, engineering, manufacturing, and leansigma resources to ensure that the speed of the event does not compromise safety or performance of the end product. Following the event the makerspace can remain on-site to produce initial production quantities for real-life functional testing.

Finally we believe that your best people are authentically motivated by being productive and that BAM events are a perfect opportunity to build teams. Events are constructed to emphasize development of high performance teams and to create value icons that are relentlessly present and reinforce the value of hands on making, fun, and the beginner’s mind in high performance teams.​

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