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Paradigm , a design and innovation firm, can help you apply design thinking to every facet of your business, from brand identity to product development and innovation.

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What We Do

To generate new, innovative ideas which yield high, consistent value in the competitive market, we explore the connections between human nature and business objective. Illuminating the complete experience users have with a product or service, we look to best serving target needs through testing, analyzing, data synthesis, and information modeling.

We proactively define a project’s story, vision, and intent, by synthesizing insight into a framework to clarify the “what” and “why”. We seek to create the most holistic experience for the users, therefore, we utilize meaning-centered design structure to create consistency within the scope, capabilities, and integrity of your idea.

We evolve from conceptualizing, testing, and evaluating ideas to creating tangible, new innovations and artifacts that can disrupt the market. Translating and melding strategy with design at the intersection of human, physical, and digital realms, provides users innovative and meaningful experiences.

Customer and user empathy are our focus as we engage, harmonize, and adapt each component of the product with strategies that incorporate understanding of human interactions and experiences. We meet your vision with the intent to merge the boundaries between intangible concepts and physical products.

At the front line of every product or service is its identity – expectations and relationships that influence dynamics between business and customer. We create a visual narrative that allows companies to tell their story and vision in creative new ways to build customer loyalty and evoke advocacy.

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