Switch-modifying toys for
children with disabilities

Project Tadpole is a Duke University supported Betabox Expert offering healthcare and STEM oriented workshops in the Southeast.

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Toy Adaptation

What we offer:

Troubleshooting and repairing assistive technology products that are not working, which are donated to us from local organizations and families.

Learning and practicing basic soldering techniques and electronic circuitry.

Teaching younger students how to safely and properly use important laboratory instruments, such as the soldering iron, continuity testers, and wire strippers.

Organizing fairs for parents to learn to repair toys themselves, thus speeding up the toy repair and diagnosis process.

Preparing kits for parents of disabled kids to repair toys themselves.

Identifying and modifying new toys, games and devices for library; for example, adding simple functionality such as switch activation through adding a button switch that is easier to turn on.

Traveling to local organizations that serve the disabled community to meet the employees and staff and get an overview of the available assistive technology equipment.


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