Betabox brings hands-on learning to K12 schools everywhere. Now, we are bringing it to your home.

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How kits work

Parents everywhere can subscribe to receive a high-quality hands-on learning kit for their child. Each kit is paired with a conversation guide for parents, helping to uncover their child’s hidden passions.

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The Betabox philosophy is simple:
Let your child’s curiosity be the guide.

Betabox at Home is a program designed to do more than just offer educational STEM learning for students. Our real goal is to make it easier for parents to expose their child to a wide variety of topics and fields via hands-on learning. We believe that by first exposing students to a rich mix of STEM topics, that students will be able to discover where they most want to go DEEP into later on in life. Importantly, the Conversation Guides included in each kit help tease out the deeper reasons a young inventor was captivated by a particular topic. These priceless conversations could reshape the trajectory of your child’s education.

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They are educator approved!

Since 2015, Betabox has delivered hands-on learning to more than 125,000 students at schools all around the country. Our methodologies are classroom tested, and ready for your home.

Include everything you need to MAKE.

A Betabox at Home kit is chock full of all of the materials needed to create the project. The kit also includes both a student guide and parent Conversation Guide.

More FAQs:

At the moment, Betabox is offering kits designed for ages 11-15 yrs of age.
Betabox Kits cover a range of topics, including aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, VR, transportation, energy, optics, and more.
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What kits are available?

Your subscription will bring a new kit to your door
every 3 months. Here are a few examples:

portable powerpack

Design and build a phone charger that works for Android and iPhone.

your own vr headset

Learn about manufacturing by making a VR headset that really works.

mini hyperloop train

Make a home based version of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.


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