Ridding the world
of technology deserts.


Additive manufacturing, robotics, virtual & augmented reality, blockchain, and AI. — These are from my view the major new technology platforms that are actively redefining our society over the next ten years.

If you are reading this post, it means you have an internet connection. It means you probably have an interest in startups or tech. It means you probably already know about the above technologies. Maybe you’ve experiences things like 3D printing and VR in person before. Maybe you already work with these tools and integrate them into your daily workflow. Perhaps you are even already taking these all for granted as a result.

Do you know who is most certainly not taking these revolutions for granted? Do you know who has not integrated these technologies into their work, experiences them first hand, or maybe even heard of them?

99% of the global population.

The fact is, we are living in a time that even despite prolific access to information, the latest technologies are often locked away in ivory echochamber of startup kingdoms, research labs, and large corporations. Out in the majority of the world, these powerful new tools that can drive the future are no where to be found. Many people don’t have a functional idea of how to actually use these tools to create economic impact, because learning about them on the internet is not enough. You must be able to experience them first hand and viscerally integrate them into your life. Most most people, this is not happening. There exist no systems of access.

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