Small team. Big mission.

In order of appearance.

Sean Newman Maroni
Founder, CEO

Mechanical engineer and systems thinker passionate about learning-by-doing.

Nicholas Sailer
Chief Creative Officer

Designer and Creative Director focused on creativity, narrative, and design thinking.

Michael Hobgood
Chief Design Officer

Architectural Designer with experience and passion for collaborative spaces.

Meredith Ingrassia
Program Director

Industrial Designer excited about education and hands-on learning.

Rickey E. Smith
Director of Web Ops

Programmer passionate about innovative and purposeful ideas.

Greg Pearlman
Director of Sales

Director of Sales with experience in business development, marketing, and strategy.

Quinn Wagner
Director of Engineering

Mechanical engineer and tinkerer. Intuitive designer with a passion for building just about anything.

Lucas Arzola, PhD
Founder, President

Scientist and educator with years of experience making change in the industry.

Dr. Tina Seelig

A professor at Stanford, Dr. Seelig is an accomplished Neuroscientist and expert in creativity and innovation.

Lance Co Ting Keh

Founding member of the machine learning team at Box.

Wade Minter

Rails/DevOps tech leader. Founding member at TeamSnap.

Shane Trent

Electronics Design Engineer & problem solving ninja. Former Owner of Advanced Portable Imaging.