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Process-Driven Design Intensive

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A Design Sprint is an intensive, 5 day, visual boot camp that focused around a design problem. It’s a compressed version of a user-centered design cycle that might normally take companies a couple months compressed to 5 days.

The objective is for any team to get a better understanding of their customers, build a quick prototype, and get feedback from real customers. To facilitate this, DXLab has created an all-star team of designers from IDEO, Ford, Lenovo, and NASA, to help companies build beautiful and easy to use products.

A design sprint is also a great way for companies to understand the design process. We prototype this process over the course of 5 days so that companies can see it, touch it, and interact. Our hope is that by the end of the sprint, companies have the tools they need to take home and use it every day. The process is interactive, visual, fun, and effective.

We want you to walk away with not just a pile of ideas, but a tested prototype and an idea of what worked, what didn’t work, and what to do next. This structure is based on strategy developed by IDEO and Stanford’s d.school and utilized by Google Ventures.

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    Day 1 – Discovery

    The design sprint begins with our design team getting familiar with the company’s business objectives, product and engineering teams, and the design problem.

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    Day 2 – Ideation

    The second day is spent drawing out a number of low-fidelity solutions. Whatever medium allows you to create as many solutions as possible in the shortest period of time.

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    Day 3 – Converge

    The third day is spent deciding which ideas is best for the user and worth testing.

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    Day 4 – Prototype

    The fourth day is spent developing a high-fidelity prototype to test key interactions before making a fully-functional product.

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    Day 5 – Test

    On the final day the DXLab team and the company expose the design to potential users to understand what works with the design and what needs to be changed.

“It was a pleasure working with DXLab; they really know how to integrate creativity and functionality.”Brian Shuster, CEO at Dyad Technologies

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