How Betabox Works

There is nothing quite like a Betabox. Here is a peek into how a day with a Betabox at your school actually works.

before the big day.

You will work with the Betabox Experience team to select the perfect Experience for your school. We’ll align our schedule with yours, and get all the materials and equipment ready for the big day.

5am: Dropoff!

Your Betabox arrives before dawn. One of our drivers will place it in the exact location you approve ahead of time. A Betabox Expert shows up soon after and sets up all of the equipment that will be used that day.

~7am – ~3pm: Class Visits

Sessions begin when your school does. Classes will walk out to the Betabox and be greeted by a Betabox Guide. They will learn about what they will be doing, form groups, and be making something within the first 5 minutes.

Everyone takes something home
We make sure that every student is able to take something home they they make.

Students will be challenged
Our staff don’t hand out all the answers. We believe that open ended problems and a touch of adversity create the conditions for breakthroughs.

Curriculum Tie Ins
While we offer informal learning, we always tie our workshops back into fundamental principles of STEM and Design fields.

3pm+: after school events

We can keep the box open for any afterschool programs that may be interested in stopping in. We highly recommend scheduling your Betabox Experience on the same day as your STEM or Parents night, so students can bring their Moms and Dads into the Betabox too.

~7pm: Departure

Our driver returns after school to load the Betabox. Then the Betabox heads to its next destination!

Available Anywhere.

So far over 125,000 kids have learned in a Betabox. Browse our current lineup of experiences to bring Betabox to your school.

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